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A Parent's Guide to Help Their Kids With Math

Dr. Feenix Pan shares knowledge, skills, and best practices developed over 18 years of helping children and families to turn failure to success and tragedy to triumph. She’ll help you turn math tears to math smiles. 

There is so much that moms and dads can do to help their child succeed in math even if they don't know math themselves.


 ★★★★★ A rare personalized and inspirational math method for both kids and parents!

Math is a part of everything. Whether it's paying bills, calculating tips, shopping, cooking, baking, or different job areas such as construction, engineering, or medicine, math plays a big role. So if math is really so important, why do so many kids hate it? In Math: From Tears to Smiles, A Parent's Guide, Dr. Feenix Pan explores the idea that being good at math is not rooted in memorizing formulas or specific answers, it is the METHOD in which you approach math that matters. With her method, which she calls MAMMA (Math And Managing MathAbility), she outlines how to take kids through their math journey while making them feel significant and loved. She shares her own troubles with math, and how she often had problems with her teachers and work. She stresses the importance of understanding your kid, and how everyone has different learning styles. Of course, there is also mention of the various stages of math work kids go through as their grade progresses. With helpful lists, first hand stories, and personal experiences, Dr. Pan is a helpful and refreshing change in helping your child's math skills.

- Huan


 ★★★★★  Unique insights into why students struggle with math

Many students and almost all parents need the insights MathAbility provides. The information in the pages of this book will give hope to households struggling with math homework due to missed concepts or simply the fear of a subject that seems so far beyond the grasp of students and even some parents. Even adults who think they understand math frequently cannot pass on their learning to their child either because their technique is different than what is expected in school, or because they simply lack the ability to explain math in the way their child learns. Thankfully, working from a deep understanding of human nature, the author addresses these issues and more. I look forward to perusing her website for more help with MathAbility!

C. L. Draughon


 ★★★★★  I wish I had this book a long time ago!

Not only have I read Dr Pan’s book, I have purchased 2 for my children. This is definitely one of those times when you say, “I wish I had this book when I was raising my children!” But now I have grandkids!
Dr Pan has a unique insight to helping anyone with math. The book is full of practical insights and helps to put to use immediately, along with guiding for long term goals. The roadmap alone has given me knowledge and language for great chats with my adult children and my grandkids. My grandkids are from birth to high school, and because of the roadmap, I know exactly where they are in their math journey. I can chat with them (and their parents) about what is most important in each phase and how to avoid the most common pitfalls. I’ve been able to share fun tips on things like how to take a test or how to ask better questions in class. All of which gives them more confidence and it’s really fun for me!
I realize now that any child can succeed in math. So many times when a child gets stuck, they never know why and just figure they are not good at math, when that is not the problem at all! I'm excited to be a part of my grandkids math journey and help encourage them. 

Lori Rogers

 ★★★★★  Should be a in every house as a Math homework tool

I wish I had this book sooner! I have 4 kids and all of them have struggled at some point during their Math education. My youngest (age 10) is able to benefit from parents who are more patient and can help her better understand Math concepts without fights and tears at the homework table. Our older 3 kids are not able to benefit from this book directly but once they have kids of their own, this book should be in their homework toolbox.

- saferhomemom


 ★★★★★  Useful and entertaining guide

Dr. Pan’s book is filled with delightfully written insights and examples of how to achieve success in math…and beyond! She shares her knowledge with warmth and intelligence, giving a variety of concrete illustrations of the many important roles math plays in our lives. As a parent and educator I only wish I had had this information earlier while raising my children (now grown), as well as an instructional tool to help guide my students at all stages of learning, elementary through college level.
Also, parents should note that this guide is perfectly suitable for those who may be as baffled by math as are their children.

Michael and Lesli Hanby


 ★★★★★ Insightful and interesting!

Through her innovative concept of MathAbility, Dr. Pan presents a thoughtful, concise, and down-to-earth approach to understanding math. It’s apparent from her writing that Dr. Pan is an excellent teacher/coach with an innate ability to connect with others. Rooted in her understanding of human nature, she patiently—and with well-placed touches of humor—demonstrates the “non-math” issues that commonly underline math struggles, and offers practical, sustainable solutions. Very well-structured with a logical flow, this book should be a welcome addition to any household where people young or old struggle with math. It is a true gift.

J. R. Smith



★★★★★ A breath of fresh air!!

Dr. Pan offers a unique and very helpful approach to mastering math in a meaningful manner focusing on individual differences in learning styles. Dr. Pan's suggestions offer a breath of fresh air to a topic that can elicit so much stress and anxiety for all involved. I wish I had the privilege of this support as I struggled with math many years ago but will look forward to recommending this valuable resource to many families as a very worthwhile and useful tool for math instruction that truly works! Thank you Dr. Pan for sharing your special gift with us!




★★★★★ Where was this when I needed it?

I always struggled with math in high school. I liked it, but it never made sense. The concept of "developing math ability" is a key concept that most parents should understand vs getting great grades. As a parent, I now have a better understanding that math is systematic and based on building blocks. As a result, I'm better prepared to help my kids build the "math ability" they will need to be successful. Overall, this is a must-read for any parent to better understand how to help their children succeed with math.

- Brian Ramirez


★★★★★ Presents a clear guide for parents to help their children with math.

I struggled with math after middle school. I now know why. I was frustrated and on my own when trying to learn.

This is an excellent guide for parents because it explains how to build, and maintain, good math skills.

Math is everywhere. There are ideas on how to incorporate learning in day to day activities. This is a great book for helping young people ( and anyone wanting to learn math at an older age) be successful.

Amazon Customer



★★★★★ Personable

This wonderful book is written as if Dr. Pan and the reader are sitting at a kitchen table. I especially like the way she used examples from her own life, which makes her very human, as well as experiences of her clients, which demonstrates the process is genuine and impactful. I wish Dr. Pan had been around when I needed her. If I could do it all over again, I would turn to Dr. Pan for the help I needed for inspiration and achievement.


School Supply

About Dr. Pan


I’m Dr. Feenix Pan. I struggled in math early on when growing up in rural China, but overcame these struggles with help from caring teachers and went to obtain a Master’ s degree in Electrical Engineering (University of Wisconsin-Madison), a Master’s Degree and a Ph.D. in Optical Science (University of Arizona). After my studies, all I wanted to do was unlock the code, find the missing ingredient and spot the pattern for kids with big dreams and fears of math.


"Part biography, part parenting guide, and 100% about convincing you that your child can succeed in math."

— Amy Bhola M.Ed, Board Ex-President, Catalina Foothills School District

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