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Math Shouldn't Get in The Way..

Why have hundreds of parents over the last 15 years trusted me to guide their children to a more confident place and a brighter future?

It's because I have spent the last two decades perfecting a process to help children who are struggling with math and take them to a place of confidence and proficiency no matter where they started.


Most parents find me when their child starts to have problems in math, but we're much more than a math emergency room. The end goal is to eliminate math as an obstacle in the way of whatever it is your child wants to accomplish and use math as a vehicle for confidence. That being said, in today's world math is the key to most medical, engineering and science careers which will all provide secure and well-paid jobs in tomorrow's economy.

Who Am I and How Did I Get Here?

I'm Dr. Feenix Pan. I struggled in math early on when growing up in rural China, but overcame these struggles with help from caring teachers. I went on to obtain a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin and a PhD in Optical Science from the University of Arizona. After my studies, all I wanted to do was unlock the code, find the missing ingredient and spot the pattern for kids with big dreams and fears of math.